Management Services

Vos Construction, Inc. offers many different management avenues to meet their clients needs.  The options that we commonly practice include design build, general contracting and construction management.  In a design build agreement it is an opportunity for us to work directly with our clients to plan and design a project to meet their needs.  In this form of agreement we hire and engineer and architect on our clients behalf to produce the required construction documents necessary.  Also this helps us work through any changes/adjustments before the design is sent to the engineer and architect creating minimal revisions on their end.  General contraction is also a common avenue that we engage in.  In this option, Vos Construction is hired by an architect to oversee the construction of a project from start to finish.  Lastly, in our construction management method we are hired by a client to help act as an owner’s representative for the project.  Here we work laterally with the architect and owner to help oversee the construction of the project but also to create and manage the client’s budget, schedule and logistics.