To whom it may concern,

I wholeheartedly recommend Dan Vos and Vos Construction.

Vos Construction built our new Family Life Center in 2005. It was a 1.2 million dollar project. A major emphasis in our church was to keep the project under budget. Dan worked hard to ensure that we kept that commitment with our people. In the end, we came just under budget – within about $3,000.

We wanted a very functional building that would also be attractive. Dan helped us to achieve that goal as well. It was our desire that the building would be so nice that community organizations would desire to use our building. We are constantly being approached by different community groups who would like to use our new facility.

We found Dan, his brother Mike, and the entire organization to be people of character who kept their word and did excellent work. They bent over backwards to make us happy. And. they succeeded.

Please call me if I can be of any further help.


Pastor Greg Stone
Jesus Assembly of God