To Whom It May Concern:

The summer of 2013 we decided to add 8,500 more square feet to our shop space.  Dan & Pat listened to our concerns and came up with a plan that had the least amount of disruption to our service department.  The plan was to build over our old building and then tear it down.  That allowed us very minimal down time as we needed to relocate those employees to a different building during that part of the construction.

The project turned our great.  The finished project turned out better than we expected.

As for the crew, they were great to work with.  They always took in mind to do the least amount of disruption to our service department as possible.  There workmanship and attention to detail was second to none.

Thanks again for the excellent job you did.  We would definitely recommend Vos Construction to others who are looking for a construction company.


Jack, Paul, Bob, Andy Lano and the crew from Lano Equipment of Norwood Inc.