To Whom It May Concern:

In the spring of 2001 we (Starland Metals) decided to build a Shop with a warehouse in the back and offices in the front. We also wanted a beautiful showroom and two conference rooms for business meetings. We were very busy at that time and we needed help with our big project.

One of the shop supervisors had heard of a contractor from Green Isle Minnesota called Dan Vos, We made a couple phone calls to Vos Construction a week later Dan Vos came to visit After our first visit we discussed and decided not to take any bids from anyone else and give project to Mr. Vos.

Our project was a 160′ x 300′ metal shop and everything else we had ever wanted. We started moving dirt in the summer of 2001. Vos started the footing in October of 2001 by July of 2002 they were finished with the main part of the building the offices. Our secretaries were excited and impressed. They couldn’t wait to move in and get started. The offices were textured, painted and finished by our own carpenter crew. It was a two level 60′ x 80′ office building. In September of 2002 we had a finished metal shop.

We were very pleased and blessed with how the project went. Problems or any obstacles were handled professionally and in a timely manner. We strongly recommend Vos Construction to any one how needs a big building project done.


David Decker Jr.
Larry Waidner
Clarence Woliman