Dear Mike:

Perhaps belatedly, I want to write to thank you and everyone at Vos Construction for all of your efforts in building the Academic Building at New Sweden Dairy. The whole project was unique; no one has ever undertaken such a complex merger of an academic and dormitory facility in the midst of an operating dairy. The unique nature brought with it an incredible number of challenges for which there was no precedent and that required intelligent, practical, and cost effective solutions.

From the early planning to the final details, I was impressed with your willingness to work effectively to meet our functional needs and budget constraints. I particularly appreciate the many times that you stepped back from the blueprints, recognized possible problems (both in construction and in potential later use), and found a practical solution. This was a key aspect of our project and your experience, creativity and flexibility meant that we got a much more functional and aesthetically pleasing building as a result.

I know that there were many times when you had to juggle priorities, work crews, and the challenge of working on a site where there was also a start-up dairy to contend with. Through it all, you kept a cool head, rolled with the changing demands, plans and incredibly adverse weather conditions to get the job done and get the job done right.

I want you to know that I will always appreciate all that you and your company did.


John Fetrow VMD, MBA
Professor of Dairy Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine