Dear Dan,

As the chairman of the Watertown Evangelical Free Church Building committee, I want to formally commend and thank you and your team for the excellent job you did with our new facility! We are more than satisfied with the quality, the cost-effectiveness and the service your company delivered.

The care at which your guys and sub-contactors performed their duties really shows. You made this 12,000+ square foot steel building look perfectly natural attached to our 40 year old colonial church. Starting with the foundation work, your close attention tO detail made for a sound and esthetically pleasing building.

When something that looked good on paper did not look right in real-life, you brought these to our attention and fostered collaboration between the architects, engineers, subcontractors (and, when necessary, building officials) to come up with a suitable solution.

Not only did you deliver an excellent product, you made the process of getting there much easier than I could have imagined. Whenever issues came up, I always felt like you were looking out for our interest. You never abdicated nor implied “it’s not our problem” but, instead, owned each issue until we were satisfied.

Our congregation really went out on a limb financially with this project and thus had no room for cost overruns. Your diligence in managing your subs and identifying opportunities for us to reduce expense enabled the project to come in on budget. I manage project and operational budgets in my profession and plus or minus 3% is considered a success. You managed the unexpected expenses of our project to less than 1% of plan!

Even now, you continue to be responsive to our questions and minor issues that inevitably come up as the building gets used. I cannot express my deep appreciation for all you’ve done for us. Perhaps, I could be a reference for you some time? Feel free to share my name and contact information with prospective clients.

Thank you again, Dan: to you, your brothers and your team for delivering to us an excellent building. You were truly an answer to prayer!


David Peterson
Building Committee Chair I Trustee