Management Services

Experience That Makes the Difference

With over 65 years of experience, Vos Construction offers the management methods and services to meet the needs of almost any kind of construction project.  From design build to general contracting and construction management, clients count on Vos Construction to take their projects from concept to completion.

Design Build Contracting

From Start to Finish, You’re Covered
In the design build process, Vos Construction works with you to plan and design a project that meets your specifications and needs. Hiring of an engineer and architect are all done on your behalf, to produce all the required construction documents. This approach ensures maximum efficiency. Because Vos Construction works through changes and adjustments before the design is sent to the engineer and architect, revisions and changes are kept to a minimum. Trust Vos Construction to guide your project to a successful completion.

General Contracting

Coordination and Communication On-site
For general contracting, Vos Construction is hired by an architect to oversee the construction phase of the project, from start to finish. Vos Construction staff monitor all aspects of the construction process, making sure that coordination and communication between all subcontracted providers is accurate, timely and effective. Vos Construction can help make sure your project runs smoothly and stays within the established parameters.

Construction Management

Your Project Advocate
In a construction management scenario, Vos Construction acts as the owner’s representative throughout the project, helping oversee the construction of the project, but also creating and managing the client’s budget, schedule and logistics. Decades of experience make Vos Construction the ideal choice for construction management services.

Whatever your project needs, Vos Construction is ready to deliver. Contact Vos Construction today!